May 2017 President’s Message

My garage project is in the final stages. The support beams are installed, and I’m in the reorganization mode. It’s almost a full time job, moving this from here, only to move it over there. My neighbor is a great help, and even gave up his own garage for several days, to store two of my cars. I hope I’ll be able to move the sixty-five back this week. Stay tuned.


POCI has made several decisions at the Board of Directors level. Motions were made, a discussion period was held, and a vote was then made. This procedure takes a minimum of two weeks.


One motion that passed is the POCI Original Owners Award. POCI Members who are the original owner of their Pontiac or GMC may apply for the award, but must submit proper documentation. For more information about this, look for the ads in the Smoke Signals Magazine.


Another motion discussed, voted on, and passed, will no longer keep future POCI Convention locations a secret. In the past, future Convention locations were not disclosed, for fear of hurting the attendance at other locations. It seems there was always a leak after a vote by the Board of Directors to accept a Convention bid. The future POCI Convention locations were supposed to be the World’s best kept secret, but it seems the word was out before the end of the Directors meeting at the Conventions. Now this will no longer be a problem.


The results of the POCI Directors election are in. The two Divisions with two candidates were decided by a majority vote for Mark Tilson and Alan Fanning. All the other candidates were reelected. The POCI Constitutional Amendment was passed also. This allows the Board of Directors to appoint a Secretary when there is no POCI elected Director with the qualifications for this position. The New Director will be seated on the Board of Directors on May 31st. I would like to commend candidates Dean Fait and Jeff Redhage for their desire to serve POCI.


The Illinois Chapter is back on the World Wide Web. We voted to restart our web site, and Chapter Member Kyle Kruszewski was elected as our web master. Please check out our new web site at www.ilpoci.org. We voted not to block access to the web site so anyone may view it. Remember, our Chapter is also on Facebook.


The Illinois Chapter is facing 40 years as a Chapter of POCI. We discussed several options; a party, shirts, etc. We decided to have a Chapter License Plate made, and this will be available to any Chapter Member. This will be pick up only, the USPS rate would make sending them cost prohibitive. Should you want one sent, you will be responsible for the cost of postage. I know we have Members across the country, sorry for the inconvenience. If you want one, please let us know, and we will save you one. Plans are to make extra, so Members may purchase a second. Watch for the Official announcement when we get them.


Both of my road ready Pontiac battery’s died. The sixty-one was the oldest, followed closely by the seventy-three. The battery’s are the repo Original style Delco battery. When I called for a replacement, I was told there is a four week wait, so I ordered both (Ouch). I did a bit of detective work, just how old is the sixty-ones battery. I know I had it in Joplin, that was twelve years ago! I guess I got my money’s worth there. As a side note, the booster pack chewed up my spring ring cable’s, so there goes another expense. Remember, our meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month at Culver’s, Route 59 and 75th Avenue, in Aurora. This location is just across the street from Naperville. Hope to see you there. Be safe, thanks for reading.